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AppStats VZ Networks: Same Old in the Top 10, Hope for More Game Genres

By Sebastian Sujka

The AppStats this week show little action in the VZ Networks. The top ten participants remain the same. Consequently, there are no new entrants to present. Within the top five there was not even a change in position. Brain Buddies’ golden era seems to end as the game continues to lose users. Luckily for wooga, Bubble Island and Monster World are this weeks’ top gainers to follow Brain Buddies’ legacy.

Elex’s games Cool Fish and Happy Harvest Two are losing ground while Happy Harvest continues to grow. It should be mentioned once again that Happy Harvest Two is on the seventh position of the total VZ Networks charts although it is only available on StudiVZ and MeinVZ, missing SchülerVZ, the biggest of the three. Since last week some hospital and city building games were launched which are prominently displayed in the individual networks’ game sections. This week’s highlight is the hospital game “Das Krankenhaus” from Chinese developer Snsgame. It was installed over 170.000 times already and is likely to continus its rapid growth.

App Name Developer StudiVZ MeinVZ SchülerVZ VZ Total Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex478.9171.324.1551.039.1582.842.230+0.50%
2.icon Brain Buddieswooga581.149802.295909.1922.292.636-0.14%
3.icon Bubble Islandwooga178.112450.619331.952960.683+11.39%
4.icon Wobbix QuizQuiz-Fabrik GmbH179.151265.049243.698687.898-1.44%
5.icon GoodgameFarmerGoodgame Studios93.458280.322313.288687.068+0.15%
6.icon Monster Worldwooga91.434277.315265.522634.271+9.20%
7.icon Frohe Ernte TwoElex163.211455.5320618.743-1.13%
8.icon Turtle SquadPlinga105.009164.041324.242593.292+0.97%
9.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga69.865166.047327.159563.071+0.76%
10.icon Cool FishElex63.736189.164219.956472.856-0.22%

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