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AppStats NK: The Games Section Is Shrinking

By Sebastian Sujka

Big changes are currently happening on the Nazsa Klasa network with several games disappearing, leaving only 19 left for us to observe. “Crazy Charly”, “Funtris”, “Moja Szkola” and “Turtle Squad” are the ones missing in action leaving several new entries on the top 20 which actually is a top 19 for the moment. New entries are: “Goodgame Mafia”, “GameDesire” and “Goodgame Poker”. We have two really strong Plinga gainers this week. “Rural Life” is gaining 15.22% and the newly added title is experiencing massive popularity. “Forest Adventure” is another title doing really well and building up its fan-base, increasing it by 23.42% since last week.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Pet PartyPlinga3.059.113+1.74%
2.icon Icy TowerPlinga2.926.085+1.07%
3.icon Happy HarvestElex2.379.254+0.87%
4.icon Mafiai-Jet1.714.691+0.56%
5.icon FishdomPlayrix1.297.371+6.39%
6.icon Rural LifePlinga1.069.910+15.22%
7.icon Goodgame CaféGoodgame Studios1.045.239+3.02%
8.icon Social City101XP986.098+5.59%
9.icon Treasure StoryPlinga960.863+2.46%
10.icon Test DrivePlay882.234+4.35%
11.icon Wild West Trainsi-Jet876.878+2.47%
12.icon Forest AdventurePlinga789.154+23.42%
13.icon Paradise Resort101XP761.135+4.09%
14.icon Świat DanioDanio700.733+1.91%
15.icon Texas Holdém PokerPlinga691.138+1.62%
16.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios628.474+2.58%
17.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios557.037new
18.icon GameDesireGanymede347.041new
19.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios291.952new

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