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AppStats MySpace: Stable Growth And New Entry By Zynga

By Thorsten Bleich

The MySpace games section keeps growing this week with stable growth in almost every game. “Mobsters” is still the most played game on the list with “Mafia Wars” following closely. We have a new entry in Zynga’s “Friend Factory” but apart from that, the list looks basically the same as last week. Top gainer this week is “YoVille” by Zynga.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon MobstersPlaydom14.970.818+0.05%
2.icon Mafia WarsZynga13.423.025+0.02%
3.icon YoVilleZynga7.835.767+0.31%
4.icon Zynga PokerZynga7.235.315+0.07%
6.icon MoviesFlixter5.871.464+0.01%
7.icon Cheers!!BitRhymes5.624.807+0.03%
8.icon VampiresZynga5.287.394+0.09%
9.icon Street RacingZynga4.632.610+0.02%
10.icon Sorority LifePlaydom3.697.843+0.11%
11.icon WSOP PokerPlaydom3.454.483+0.06%
12.icon Let’s Get MarriedLudicBits3.263.697-5.78%
13.icon OverdrivePlaydom2.703.014+0.05%
14.icon Speed RacingMekatek2.592.556+0.04%
15.icon BloodlinesPlaydom1.989.686+0.08%
16.icon Fashion WarsZynga1.922.075+0.05%
17.icon Green SpotWonderHill1.772.884+0.03%
18.icon Special ForcesZynga1.478.543+0.03%
19.icon Pet SocietyPlayfish1.473.755+0.20%
20.icon Friend FactoryZynga1.457.934new

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