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AppStats MySpace: Zynga Dominates

By Thorsten Bleich

Although the most installed game on MySpace is Mobsters from Playdom, the company dominating the charts is again Zynga. Half the games in the Top 10 have been developed by Zynga, amongst them Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker or Street Racing. The fastest growing game in terms of installs is Vampires, developed by Zynga.

App Name Developer User Gain in %
1.icon MobstersPlaydom14.479.916+0.38%
2.icon Mafia WarsZynga13.334.485+0.10%
3. Tag MeBitRhymes8.257.409+1.19%
4.icon YoVilleZyngan/a.n/a
5.icon Zynga PokerZynga7.192.039+0.26%
6.icon SuperPokePetsSlide7.075.583+0.19%
7.icon MoviesFlixter5.866.847+0.00%
8.icon Cheers!!BitRhymes5.583.339+0.45%
9.icon VampiresZynga5.166.155+0.87%
10.icon Street RacingZynga4.638.097-0.11%

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