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AppStats Lokalisten: Café Time Doing Great

By Kris Öst

There are several titles doing well this week on the Lokalisten network and every game except for “gimigames” and “POPMOG” are gaining. “Café Time” is our top gainer this week and the title is flying upwards with a massive 41% increase and overtaking “Quiz-Fight”, pushing it down to 10th place. “Super Texas Holdem” is another game doing well, experiencing a 9.05% surge in installs. “Frohe Ernte” is still at the top and seems unbeatable but at the rate “gimigames” is losing users, we might soon have a new title at 2nd place.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex93.862+0.43%
2.icon gimigames Live Spielegimigames47.902-0.37%
3.icon Goodgame CaféGoodgame Studios23.149+5.76%
4.icon TraumstadtElex19.945+1.66%
5.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex18.639+1.28%
6.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex17.672+0.60%
7.icon Crazy HospitalElex14.841+1.60%
8.icon Cute PigElex11.051+2.57%
9.icon Café TimeElex8.611+41.00%
10.icon Quiz-FightQuiz-Fabrik8.282+0.38%
11.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios5.659+6.39%
12.icon Das Quiz-RennenQuiz-Fabrik5.260+4.37%
13.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios4.656+1.68%
14.icon Winning GoalElex4.380+2.15%
15.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios3.856+4.78%
16.icon POPMOGGameGenetics3.6280%
17.icon Super Texas HoldemElex3.423+9.05%
18.icon Goodgame HeroesGoodgame Studios2.688+2.48%
19.icon AtlantisPlazz Entertainment2.505+1.33%
20.icon Live MallElex2.213+4.73%

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