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AppStats: Hardly Social Games on MySpace

By Sebastian Sujka
App Name Developer User
1.icon SuperPoke!Slide1.981.640
2.icon BuddyPokeUser Developed1.962.632
3. Pop Up FriendsFlashskin955.653
4.icon Image Love CheckFlashskin534.895
5.icon PicnikPicnik304.449
6.icon DarkOrbitBigpoint216.060
7.icon Pop Up FreundeFlashskin142.666
8.icon Cities I’ve VisitedTripAdvisor47.152
9.icon Desert BlitzPlaynik32.821
10.icon PoolbillardCome2Play31.217

In our first AppStats on MySpace we notice strong contrasts to AppStats on other social networks. As an example we show a table of the top apps in Germany and comment on other European countries, in which the situation is very similar. In the Top 10 of app installs on MySpace we find only three games: DarkOrbit from Bigpoint, Desert Blitz from Playnik and Poolbillard from Come2Play. The first two titles are browser game classics. They are no real social games but browser games slightly adapted for the usage on social networks. Poolbillard is a casual game with at least has the social feature of playing against different players on the social network.

Other then Dark Orbit, Desert Blitz and Poolbillard we look in vain for social games. The apps with the most installs are different poking applications, which are probably inactive for a long time already. The other types of apps are very familiar from early Facebook times.

What we conclude is that announcements from MySpace to push games on the platform have hardly been realized in most European countries. In France, the Netherlands and Poland for example, almost the same apps and games as in Germany appear in the charts. Some of the apps in those three countries are not even completely localized. In Spain we spot a highlight: Zynga’s Mafia Wars aka “Mafiosos” has entered the top ten with 88629 installs. Still it is the only social game in the top ten but it seems like we can expect some movement in Spain. This is indeed a start but if we compare the numbers we see that Mafia Wars on MySpace has over 13 million installs in the US. If MySpace wants to remain hopes to become a serious player as a social gaming platform in Europe a lot more social games need to be pushed on the platform urgently.

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