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The VZ Networks: Appstats for April

By Gary Merrett

Little change is occurring in our VZ Network AppStats. Since our last report a month ago, the top six apps remain unchanged. Overall, there is just one new entry in the top 10, as the Olympic Games app naturally dropped out. In total there are only seven new apps in the network, amounting to a total of 65 games. Net total app installs increased by 33.7% from 8.5 million to 11.5 million. The share of games compared to other apps also increased from 69% to 73%. The figures suggest that of the VZ Group´s social networking platforms, SchülerVZ has the largest number of app users, followed by MeinVZ.

App Name Developer StudiVZ MeinVZ SchülerVZ Total Growth
1.icon Brain Buddieswooga551.105732.055817.4772.100.63711.0%
2.icon Frohe ErnteElex Co. Ltd442.325849.535678.7341.970.594130.0%
3.icon Wobbix QuizQuiz-Fabrik GmbH181.308276.869233.609691.78616.4%
4.icon Benote deine LehrerSpickmich-/--/-589.089589.0897.7%
5.icon Turtle SquadPlinga101.987155.915229.129487.03116.2%
6.icon RöhrePutpat71.352126.569218.388416.3097.5%
7.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga60.590143.739200.268404.59741.6%
8.icon Mein KlubBILD.de67.34491.362219.460378.16610.9%
9.icon FunCardsPlinga71.492166.332110.632348.45612.1%
10.icon WuselWaldwuselwald.de42.386107.238172.852332.47646.1%

Wooga’s top position is under attack for the first time ever. Elex Co.’s farming game “Frohe Ernte” is growing very rapidly. At 130% in just a single month, Frohe Ernte shows by far the highest growth rate.  It is quite remarkable that there aren´t any more games of the kind that proved to be successful on other social networks like farming, aquarium or restaurant games. If the data is any indicator, there certainly is demand for them.

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