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Adknowledge Launches Social2Web to Enable Social Game Developers to Build User Communities off of Facebook

By Gary Merrett

Social game developers now have a solution that enables them to expand game distribution and monetization beyond Facebook and into the Web.  Today Adknowledge launched Social2Web, the first viral game monetization solution that enables game developers to extend their reach by creating standalone versions of their Facebook games on their own URL. From reductions in virality to required payment methods, game developers are finding it increasingly challenging to acquire and monetize users on Facebook. Adknowledge has released an integrated solution that enables developers to expand game distribution by accessing a proven source of gamers across the Web. Social2Web allows developers to harness existing features of their current Facebook games, and adds powerful new ones, such as incentivized invites, social display monetization, direct payment options, and access to Adknowledge’s wide range of monetization solutions.  In addition, Social2Web features a critical component — the ability for developers to add viral elements, such as incentivized game invites and links on Facebook and Twitter, to grow their games.  A live example of a Social2Web site can be seen here:

“The elegance and power of Social2Web is that it allows game developers to acquire and monetize new users outside Facebook and still maintain their presence on Facebook ,” said Bobby McFarland, Adknowledge’s director of Social2Web. “Social2Web empowers social game developers to seize opportunities by accessing diverse customer sources beyond Facebook and using viral features that were integral in catapulting the initial growth of social games, but have largely been removed from Facebook. Social2Web also lowers developers’ business risk by not becoming dependent on any single platform for growth and monetization.” Social2Web empowers social game developers with greater control and flexibility over their game and their addressable market by reducing dependence on any single platform. It delivers several valuable benefits, including the opportunity to:

  • Increase virality – expand game distribution and drive customer growth through a wide array of customer sources outside Facebook (e.g., game portals, standalone sites, etc.) and incentivized game invites (e.g., Twitter, email, etc.).
  • Reduce Credit Card Processing Charges – developers are able to process credit cards and other transactions at a much lower rate than the 30% charged by Facebook Credits
  • Offer more flexibility – gamers can choose from multiple payment methods
  • Drive incremental revenue – developers earn money for display ads shown next to their games
  • Create a better game experience – developers can do more with a bigger game canvas (e.g., friend and activity feeds).
  • Increase brand loyalty – developers can forge a deeper, direct connection with gamers
  • Save development resources – developers save time and money by being able to focus exclusively on making great games, allowing Adknowledge to handle game distribution, customer acquisition and monetization

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