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Observer Network is the leading European blog network for B2B news on social games, social networks, virtual currency and online payments. The company was founded in Berlin in February 2010 by Sebastian Sujka, Gary Merrett and Thorsten Bleich.

Observer Network comprises of: AppStats (, the most reliable and comprehensive Facebook application metrics database; Social Games Observer (, a news blog on business aspects of the social gaming ecosphere and industry trends with a focus on Europe and emerging markets; and Payment Observer (, the news source for latest developments, research findings and insights on payment markets around the world.

Sebastian Sujka is Co-Founder and Editor in Chief at SocialGamesObserver. Previously to SocialGamesObserver Sebastian was one of the first employees of SponsorPay, a leading offer based monetization platform.  Sebastian graduated from Maastricht University with a BSc in International Business Finance. Outside of social games Sebastian is passionate about football, travelling and entrepreneurship.

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Gary Merrett is Co-Founder and Editor at SocialGamesObserver.  Gary writes for SocialGamesObserver specializing in the segments payment and mobile games. Gary graduated from San Jose State University with a MA in Economics and holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Konstanz. Apart from entrepreneurship Gary’s passions are economics, football and evolutionary psychology.

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Thorsten Bleich is Co-Founder and Co-Editor at SocialGamesObserver.  Thorsten is in charge of statistics, reports and market data at SocialGamesObserver and is also responsible for the AppStats section. Thorsten holds a Diploma in Industrial Engineering from the University of Hamburg. Thorsten’s interests are entrepreneurship and bike racing.

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Martin Schuppelius is lead writer at PaymentObserver specializing in news, insights and research findings of the ever-changing online, mobile and e-commerce payment industry. Martin studied Industrial Engineering with the focus on Information and Communications Technology at the Technical University of Berlin. He gained first-hand experience in the payment industry working in the International Carrier Wholesale Section at Deutsche Telekom.

Contact Martin at martin(at)

Regina Leuwer is a contributing writer for Social Games Observer since November 2011. Prior to that, she worked for in-game advertising company SponsorPay as well as several print and online publications.
She holds a diploma in Journalism from University of Leipzig.
Fields of interests include social and mobile gaming, online marketing and green technology solutions.

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Huel Fuchsberger supports Social Games Observer since May 2012 as an editor. As game design student at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin he is acquiring new and deeper knowledge of games. Besides writing Huel’s interests are Core Games, martial arts and guitar playing.

Contact Huel on huel(at)


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